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Witch of Winter

A Compelling Novel

Witch of Winter

Witch of Winter, Written by Dr. Donna Gluck, EdD, LCPC and Dr. Robert Bollendorf is the second book of their addiction and recovery series. It continues the story of the Brandy family and Officer Lucy Teller. When an addict’s baby is kidnapped, Lucy and her friends plunge into a mystery, made darker by the specter of addiction and eerie happenings. Involved in a harrowing investigation set in deep Wisconsin winter, Lucy learns a great deal about relationships, recovery, and the true meaning of love. Interested? Here’s more

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Entertains & Intrigues

Autumn Snow

Autumn Snow, written by Dr. Donna Gluck EdD, LCPC and Dr. Robert Bollendorf, is the first book in their mystery novels of addiction and recovery series. The Brandt family faces its greatest crisis when Scott, their eldest son, is involved in a terrible car accident and drug use is suspected. Officer Lucy Teller feels there is more to the story and sets out on an investigation that uncovers disquieting facts about the accident and truths about herself.

Autumn Snow is available on Kindle and Paperback on

Book Reviews

Witch of Winter

“An important contribution to the Addiction Recovery Community [set] against the background of an important culture, the author provides and intriguing story and the process of recovery.” – Dr. John Blattner, Ph.D., SCADC. Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Autumn Snow

“Autumn Snow is an excellent continuation of the Brandt family story and their issues with addictions. It is a quality read for students in the counseling field, seasoned professionals, and the recovering community.”  – John W. Tuttle, LCSW, CADC, CEAP, SAP

Autumn Snow

“Once again, Dr. Bollendorf, with Donna Gluck, has woven a vivid and entertaining tapestry of dysfunctional family dynamics and the ripples of sadness that drug addiction causes…. A hell of a good read that entertains as well as informs…”  – Professor Frank G. Salvatini, M.Ed., CSADC, MISAIL, NCACH