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Gabriela Kraus, M.S.

Gabriela Kraus

Gabriela Kraus, M.S.

Gabriela is an accomplished author and psychotherapist from Mexico City, with nearly two decades of assisting individuals through her various writings and health related programs on national TV.

Her thesis “Psychotherapy and gongs for integral development of children with brain paralysis and autistic traits”, allowed her to apply the powerful element of sound with extraordinary results for individuals, groups, couples, and children.

In combination with her two other Master degrees in Religions and Arts, her certifications as a Life Coach, Gong Master and Universal Energy Healer; Gabriela´s areas of expertise are: Sound therapy for individuals, couples, groups and corporations; Spanish speaking sessions; women´s concerns and challenges; groups of Hispanic and foreign communities for integration into a new environment; re-building oneself after a divorce or a significant change; personal transformation leading to a mindful way of living; stress reduction, and couples.


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